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New Jersey RV Campground & Marina – Affordable Jersey Shore Access

Is the price tag of a rental at the Jersey Shore keeping you from spending your summer near all that southern New Jersey has to offer? If you’re searching for an affordable, seasonal getaway that gives you access to beaches, theme parks, restaurants, golfing, and more, look no further than River Beach Resort in Mays Landing, New Jersey. Our family-friendly RV campground and marina are ideally located along the banks of the Great Egg Harbor River. Our private marina and beach give you instant waterway access to Great Egg Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. Bring your boat, kayak, wave runner, or fishing poles for a dream vacation.

Call us to make a seasonal reservation at 609-246-3755 or fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours to finalize your seasonal reservation!


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Rates and More Information

River Beach 2020 Rate Card

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River Beach RV Resort Map


The docks are for registered boat slip holders only.  No one else may walk on or use the docks in any manner.

  1. All visitors and guests must register Before Entering the Resort. A visitor/guest is any person not registered as part of your site agreement. A “daily” guest is one that is visiting for the day. The cost for this guest is $5. This guest may stay the following day until 11:00 pm. Visitors/Guests MAY NOT park ANYWHERE except the designated visitors parking spaces. Any visitors/guests that are not registered will be asked to leave the park and not pay at this time.  Campers are responsible for their guests and all fees.
  2. Quiet time is 11:00 pm – 8:00 am
  3. A list of site preferences is kept in the office.  Your site fees must be current to remain on the list.
  4. Parking on site is limited to one vehicle.  Additional lessee vehicles are subject to applicable fees.  All other vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas.  Guest vehicles are not permitted past guest parking and may be subject to a vehicle fee.  Any vehicle not  authorized to be on River Beach Property will be removed at the owner’s expense.  Absolutely No Parking is allowed along the roadway or on any site not assigned to you.
  5. River Beach RV Resort and Marina is a DRUG FREE ZONE.  The police will be notified of anyone using or possessing drugs.  The camper/site/guest/visitor involved will be asked to leave the property permanently.
  6. Please do not litter.  Report any acts of vandalism to the office.
  7. Do not use any site that isn’t assigned to you.
  8. The dumpsters are for household trash only.  Please place recycling in the proper dumpster.
  9. No profane language.
  10. A responsible parent must be present at all times when minor children are staying in the resort.
  11. A responsible person must accompany children when using the bathroom or shower facilities.
  12. Swimmers must be 16 years of age to swim in the pool unattended.
  13. No glass bottles are permitted in the pool area.
  14. No smoking in the pool area.
  15. Please do not walk through occupied sites.
  16. At no time are pets permitted on the beach or in the pool area.  Do not leave your pet unattended.  Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.  The leash has to be tied to something or you must be holding it.  If you leave the property, take your pet with you.  You must pick up after your pet.  Pets are limited to 2 per site.
  17. Drinking of alcoholic beverages by anyone less than 21 years old is NOT permitted in the resort.
  18. Please observe traffic rules and always watch for children when operating your vehicle.  No one is to exceed 5 mph.  If you drink, WALK, DON’T DRIVE!
  19. No mini-bikes, motorcycles, quads or mopeds are to be operated in the resort.
  20. Absolutely no cutting, nailing or destroying trees or shrubs dead or alive.  For each tree, shrub, etc. affected, the lessee will be find $100.
  21. Campfires must be kept small and attended at all times.  Use only fire rings provided by the resort and keep fires from under trees or wires.  Fires MUST be extinguished before retiring or leaving the site.
  22. Positively no firearms, BB guns, pellet guns, slingshots, bow & arrows, fireworks or any other hazardous devices are permitted in the resort.
  23. No bicycle riding after dark.
  24. No digging of holes of any kind is allowed without permission from the office, due to underground utilities.  If you cut or damage anything, you are responsible to pay for all repairs.
  25. Parents are responsible for the actions of their children at all times.  All children must be on site by 11:00 pm.  NO CHILD MAY BE LEFT IN THE RESORT UNATTENDED.  Any child misbehaving will be restricted to their site unless accompanied by a parent.  Any child or guest causing damage to the resort or personal property will be held financially responsible for all inconveniences and damage and may be asked to leave the resort.
  26. In the event it becomes necessary for River Beach RV Resort & Marina to obtain an attorney to enforce any provision of this agreement, the owner-lessee agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and costs of the suit.
  27. A permit is required BEFORE you purchase a different unit than is already registered to your site.  No units will be accepted if they are more than 7 years old.
  28. Units older than 6 years may not be sold at River Beach RV Resort & Marina.
  29. Owners wishing to sell their units must a permit from the office to sell the unit in the resort.
  30. Absolutely no swimming or wading in the river.
  31. All sites shall be subject to utility easements such as water lines, electrical wires, sewer lines, etc.
  32. Use of your site and facilities are for recreational purposes only and may not be used as a domicile.
  33. No site shall be used for commercial purposes.
  34. For Sale signs are prohibited in the resort.  If you would like to advertise your home, boat, etc. please make arrangements at the office.  This year you will be allowed to list your boat or unit on our website for a fee of $50 per month.
  35. A copy of proof of unit ownership must be kept on file at the office.
  36. All units must comply with state and local law.
  37. Watercrafts not registered with River Beach RV Resort & Marina may not be stored or used at our resort.  No guest watercrafts are permitted at resort.
  38. Watercrafts and their trailers must be parked at designated areas from May 1st through October 15th.
  39. River Beach RV Resort & Marina is a seasonal resort that opens on April 15th and closes on October 20th.

Violation of the resort rules and regulations will result in the immediate termination of your seasonal site lease.  Upon termination, all occupants and guests will be required to vacate the premises and will not be permitted to return.

The owners reserve the right to make any changes or supplement these Rules & Regulations as may be necessary.

Any and all building, improvements or repairs must FIRST be approved by Management in writing. Decks, porches, stone, etc.